Seeking information in Haifa #germany

Elizabeth Levy <ealevygen@...>

Dear Friends,

I have been so busy searching for information in Germany that I missed the
fact that one of my "cousins" actually made it to Israel and yet I know
little about him.

For all of my fellow Israelis, I am hoping that someone can direct me on
how to find information here in Israel.

Abraham SAMUEL was born in 1899 and at some point - I assume just before
the war - moved to Haifa. He died in Haifa in 1977. He never married.

Abraham was one of 5 children all of whom died without having families.
There is nobody left >from that branch of the family at all. I would like
to find out who he was, what he did, where he lived and where he is buried.

Any advice on where to begin looking for information? Thanks in advance.

Shana Tova. Elizabeth Levy Mevassaret Zion ealevygen@...

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