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arie meir

Hi to everybody
My grandfather Chaim GLASER was married to my grandmother Chaya (Helena) in
Vienna. They had three children;
Herman ,David and Cilli,which was my mother. In the early twenties they
divorced and my grandfather moved to Prezemysl in Poland. In 1926 he
married a woman called Rachla, whose maiden name was Stolzberg. A year
after there marriage the had a daughter named Debora (Jeanette).

The last time my late parents heard >from them was in 1939, a short time
before the second world war broke out. If any of the readers knew them or
know what happened to them, please be so kind and contact me. Thanks

Arieh Mayer Haifa Israel meir1935@...

MODERATOR NOTE: Unless Prezemysl was once German territory this message,
presumably >from a new member, is off topic to this list.

The BohMor SIG does a better job of covering Vienna than we do and this
question (revised to provide the required information) should be posted
to that SIG list. I don't know which SIG covers Prezemysl, Poland
but the JRI Poland, which is linked to the JewishGen Home Page should be

To allow readers of any SIG list to help you it is necessary to provide
more information than appears above. Dates and places of birth, mar.
immigration, for example. Full names of spouses etc. MOD1

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