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Dear siggers,

Any chance someone knows - if the 2 individuals below - are Brothers or
Relatives? *both have a separate web page:

1) Marcus (Markus, Mark) HIRSCHLER >from Stupava (Stampfen, Stomfa) or
Bratislava, Slovakia, merchant in Stupava, family moved to Pest, Hungary in
the 1830s, wholesaler registered in Pest 1837, 1845, 1848 manufactured
products, 1873 lumber business + (?)

2) Adolph (Adolf) HIRSCHLER (1781 Stupava - 6/6/1855 Vienna) + Henriette
(Anna?) OPPENHEIMER (1790 Bratislava /Pressburg, Slovakia - 3/25/1853

Thank you for your help,

Peter Rohel, Toronto
Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loeb + Associates (genealogy)

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