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Shaul Sharoni

Dear H-SIGers,

Following the recent thread concerning the ethnic German identity of Slovak
Jewry, I would like to note as follows:

1. German and Hungarian were the two official languages of the
Austro-Hungarian monarchy, up until its collapse in 1918, at the end of WWI.

2. In eastern Slovakia, for example, there were substantial numbers of
German settlers who lived there for centuries (especially in the Levoca
area), later on to escape back to Germany during WWII.

3. German was the teaching language in eastern Slovakia, hence the locals
spoke German rather than Slovak, though Hungarian was fairly common as well.
Up until today, some of the elderly in Kosice speak German as well as

4. After the establishment of the Czechoslovak state, the stuation in
Slovakia had changed due to nationalistic conflicts with the Hungarians.

See the following links for further info:

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Best Regards,
Shaul Sharoni,

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