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There were also those who escaped the country just after WWII. This was the
case of my parents and four family members who crossed the border to Austria
on October 1946. Arriving in Vienna, they went to the Rothschild Spital. As
Mr. Danieli wrote, by then this was no longer a hospital but a transient

The Yale Law School wrote a paper called "Anglo-American Committee of
Inquiry" (1946).
Click on "APPENDIX II - European Jewry-Position in Various Countries" and
then scroll down to number 9.

My parents and the four cousins stayed only two nights at the Rothschild
center. They left for Innsbruck, then to Italy where they boarded a ship to
Argentina. >from what I was able to find out, there is no record of people
that were at the Rothschild Hospital for such a short time specially if
they did not use help >from any organization.

Margarita Lacko
Back in Florida, U.S.A.

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|I note that the question of Hungarian refugees who escaped
|>from Hungary in 1956 continues to be of interest.
| In response to my one comment on this topic, I received a
|very valuable first hand observation about the collection of
|personal data about the refugees in Vienna >from Mr. Dan
|Daniali that I think would be valuable for the historical
|record. With his permission I quote below his observations:
|"I was in Austria during the 1956 refugee stream, located in
|Vienna, as a semi official observer on behalf of an interested
|non European government. The refugees have been documented and
|listed again and again in various agencies and offices,
|practically without an end...
|The most active and probably the most exact and complete
|registrations have been done by the central Austrian police
|agency that was chartered for that purpose, they were located
|on the Schwartzenberg Platz, opposite the Soviet war
|memorial. An other very important agency was the Rothschild
|Hospital on the Waehringer Gurtel, which was not a hospital at
|that time, it had an archive of unbelievable depth and reach,
|tracking and listing every refugee >from Hungary, including the
|departure details of those who departed to Israel and other
|destinations via organizations and agencies coordinated by the
|Rothschild Hospital. HIAS, the JOINT were only two of the many
|many NGOs involved in the registration and tracking of the
|refugee stream. The AVO had their own organization, doing
|clandestine listings... under the cover of IBUSZ and other
|Hungarian entities.
|I do not know if a centralized registry exists for all those
|sources, but the data collected at that time was enormous,
|serving many purposes, straightforward and shady too."
|John (Janos) Kovacs

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