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Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear H-Siggers,

I got a marriage contract document translated for a friend concerning
her grandparents dated 29 July 1893 in Pecs, Hungary. It states that
the bride brought to the marriage moveables that were her property
valued at 3226 Forint and 50 Krajcar. It acknowledges that due to the
marriage it now belongs to the husband but under the contract are
decreed to still belong to the wife and goes into detail about the
inheritance thereof.

The historical currency converters I've found do not have Forint to the
US dollar. I would love to have a sense of how much this was in 1893
money. The story was that the family was wealthy. Also how common were
such contracts?

Jenny Schwartzberg
The Newberry Library
60 W. Walton Street
Chicago, IL 60610

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