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In a short bio of my grandfather, i found a
cryptic, one-sentence reference to his military
career: "A 10. gy. e. kotelekeben harcolt az
orosz es olasz fronton, megsebesult." most of it
is easy to understand, but i had no idea where to
find the "10. gy. e.". (presumably "10th
infantry regiment".) until now.

i found a web site:
which lists the hungarian units mobilized in
1914. (including the "Miskolczi 10. honvéd
gyalogezred" - bingo! since he was already an
established citizen of mezotur at the time the
bio was written, it helps to know that he
enlisted at miskolc, where he went to school, and
learned a trade.)

hopefully, this will help anybody else with
deciphering military unit numbers of the k&k army.

....... tom klein, toronto

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