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1      New: Waehring IKG cemetery (Jewish Community Cemetery) 1784-1879
approximately 29,000 burials 
2      Obituaries of Pester Lloyd: the gap between 1888-1890 closed
3      Lodges ? approximate 12,000 entries were added

1       New Database: Waehring Jewish Community (IKG) Cemetery 1784-1879
Approximately 29,000 Entries

Mrs. Traude Triebel reviewed the death registries of the Jewish Community
(IKG). In this database you will find surnames and given names, along with
the maiden name of women, their  husband?s name, marital status, city and
country of origin, profession, age, date of death, date of interment,
information of the parents,  place of death and address.

2     Obituaries Pester Lloyd: The Gap of 1888-1890 is closed

Mr.Georg Gaugusch has reviewed and completed the database of  the obituaries
of Pester Lloyd in Budapest between 1888 und 1890; thus, all obituaries of
the Pester Lloyd, between 1878 and 1910 are in the database including
surname, given name, maiden name, date of publication, date of death,
religion, age and place of publication.

3     Lodges ? Members of diverse Lodges 1785-1931
        approximately 12,000 new records

Members of various Johannis Lodges were added in Berlin, Munich, Erlangen,
Nuremberg, Hannover, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Breslau, Kassel, Stuttgart,
Wiesbaden, Hanau am Main, Heilbronn, Beuthen, Leipzig, Dortmund, and
Hamburg, as well as B´nai B´rith Lodges in Prag, Kattowitz, Posen, Bielitz,
Kraukau, Lemberg, Koenigshütte, Warschau, Przemysl, Lodsch, Stanislawow and
Berlin.  Not only surname and given name are listed, but also, among other
things and depending on the lodge, profession, address of the work place,
the private address, when member registered, as well as the date of death of
already deceased members.  You will find all back issues in the help phase
at GenTeam.

Traude Triebel
2700 Wr.Neustadt

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