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where is toelcsik? i couldn't find it in the gazetteer or with google(!).

and what kind of record did you find it in? could it be a typo, or
is it a transliteration >from another language? (i.e. is it
hungarian, or german, or transliterated yiddish/hebrew?)

have you tried looking in the jewishgen given names database? (which
seems to suffer >from a bit of "split personality" between the uses of
"s", "sh", and "sz", among other things.)

my guesses would be that "see-seh" might be matisyahu or simha (or
ziess), whereas "shee-sheh" might be shimon or shimshon (or even
yehoshua, whose common nickname was shia).

....... tom klein, toronto

awmjr@... wrote:

Sise Geif was born 1 April 1860 in Toelcsik.
He was the son of Benjamin and Hany Greif.

I assume that Sise is a nickname.

Am I correct and, if so, what would have been this person's full name?

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