Hungary SIG #Hungary Follow Up regarding a Previous Query #hungary

Alex Magocsi

A few days ago, Tom Klein of Toronto responded to my query titled "Sise is the nickname for�"

Tom wrote:
"where is toelcsik? i couldn't find it in the gazetteer or with google(!).

and what kind of record did you find it in? could it be a typo, or is it a transliteration >from another language?
(i.e. is it hungarian, or german, or transliterated yiddish/hebrew?)

have you tried looking in the jewishgen given names database?
(which seems to suffer >from a bit of "split personality" between the uses of "s", "sh", and "sz", among other things.)"

Since she was the source of the document that I was using, Beth Long of Budapest responded off line to Tom.
I thought it might be of interest, and useful, to others if I quoted Beth's response to the list, of course with her permission.
Beth wrote:
"This place is actually TÃœltszÊk (Hungarian) or TulÄ?ík (Slovakian). It is in the former Saros County.

The name was taken >from an 1860 Jewish birth record.
Since it was a Hungarian-speaking area, I assume it would have been pronounced "Shee-sheh"

I initially suggested to Alex that it might be "Shimshon".
Another person came up with the idea of "Ziskind" (which they mentioned was frequently associated with the name Alexander).

I agree that when people post, it is good to briefly outline the source of the information (since it makes a big difference
whether it came >from an original record, a personal letter, oral recollection, or whatever)."


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