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I've been working on my genealogy on and off for many years, and I've always come to a dead end with one
great grandparent. Emanuel Weinberger was born in 1865 in Hungary, and arrived in NYC on the steamship
Batavia of the Hamburg Line on June 11, 1885. According to a census, he was >from Zemplen County.
I know >from a family document that his parents were Henry and Katty Weinberger. And that's all I have.

Emmanuel never discussed his family in Hungary, and no one thought to ask him. As far as I know, he was
the only one in his family to emigrate to the USA. I know he had at least one brother, because this brother
had sent a picture of his family (probably before WWI), with a note in Yiddish on the back. I have no idea if
this brother or any of his children survived WWII, and I am assuming that Emanuel had other siblings, too.

Family legend has it that Emanuel's mother, Katty, was 104 and was killed in the Holocaust, but I've never
been able to verify this; there is no listing on the Yad Vashem website for her. I really need to pay a visit to
Yad Vashem for this, and can't seem to find a day to do it.

So, I'm wondering... what kind of records exist for Zemplen county >from 1860 through the second world
war? Any leads or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

Yonatan David
Tel Aviv, Israel

Moderator: Have you checked the marvelous JewishGen Hungary Database at ? I got more than 1,000 VEINBERGER hits including several
for Emanuel/Mano, Heinrich, and Kati/Katalin. 1869 Census for Sokut, Zemplen lists Heinrich VEINBERGER b. 1838
with wife Katalin b. ROZENBERG in 1842 along with children Beti and Mendeley.

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