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Take a look at the following article in English about the labour camp:
This is the English summary of a monograph byTamás Csapody on the subject (in Hungarian).

Bor was immortalized also by the poetry of one of its victims, Miklós Radnóti. See:

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Subject: Bor Labour Camp
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 22:51:58 -0500
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I am looking for records or lists of those deported to the Bor Labor
Camps (Organization Todt) circa 1943 and 1944.>from Budapest (or

I am also looking for information or records >from the first death
march (of Hungarian detainees) >from Bor which occurred on on September
17, 1944. I have read that on this march only 9 persons survived
(>from 5000 persons).

If anyone has any information or could direct me to the needed
information I would be appreciative.

Thank you,

Stacye Mehard


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