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Dear all,

I am new in genealogy and I am searching for Fromowitz and Farkas in Bedo
and Bilovartsi (Kis-Kirva) in Maramaros.

I was then able to find the date of birth of my grandma's grandfather,
Iczhok Jakob Farkas on 10 March 1868 in Bedo (Maramaros) son of Moszes Dovid
and Freida Leizerovits (source Romanian National Archives Baia Mare branch
Register Book 273 17-15.  I was able to find some brothers and sisters of
Iczhok in the Maramaros database.  I could not find the parents of Moszes
and Freida ??? but I based myself on Farkas genealogy of Bedo made by a
I am also interested on the ascendancy of Abraham Boruch Fromowitz,
Farmer/apple merchant in Bilovartsi (Kis-Kirva) born circa 1890 ?, father of
my grandmother, who maried Kreindel Farkas born also circa 1890 in Bedo.  A
cousin still living in Israel and in his 90s (linked to the Farkas side)
told Millie  Abraham Boruch's mother was called Nachama...That is the sole
In jewishgen, there are Fromowitz births in Bilovartsi and Bedo.  But how to
connect and how to find ?  The source is always the Romanian National
Archives of Baia Mare branch Register book 273 for Bedo and 276 for
Bilovartsi (the village nearby Bedo) There is a Boruch Fromowitz and his
wife Tobe who had children Chaje Rechel (a girl) born on 18/05/1876 in
Bilovartsi (Register book 276 92-04), Gerson Zelig born on 26/03/1868 but
died in 1869 (Register abook 276 91-05)
There are other couples in Bilovartsi (Kis-Kirva) and Bedo at the same time:
Fromowitz Chaskel and his wife Etye Katz : Chaje Rechel (25/01/1877)
(Bilovartsi in Register book 276) Fromowitz Salomon and Chane ?????: Hers
(16/01/1870) (Bedo Register Book 273 94-31) Fromowitz Sloma and Lea Chave
15/02/1862 but died in 1869 (Bilovartsi and Register book 276)
How to connect and to know who could be the ascendancy of Abraham Boruch
fromowitz ?  I need help.  How can read and consult these Romanian registers
Baia Mare for Bilovartsi and Bedo ?

Can someone help with the Romanian National Archives Baia Mare branch
Register Book Registers 273 and 276 ? I do not speak or read Hungarian.
Thank you very much for your help and all the best,

Fred Quevy

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