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I would like to add to Tom's suggestion.

If someone wants to search for, lets say, Abaujszanto, in the H-SIG mailing
list, he/she will never find messages that contain abau'jsza'nto'.

Although I have no problem receiving accented characters >from H-SIG, maybe
it would be a better idea to write the word twice - one without accents and
another one in parenthesis with accents or adding the accents after the
vowel, like Tom proposes.

Writing it twice might be a nuisance for some people but many times the only
way to find the specific word you are searching, might be using accents.
This is not only true for Internet searches but also in books, including a

Just an idea.

Margarita Lacko'

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|From: tom [mailto:tomk@...]
|Sent: Monday, 28 January, 2013 10:35
|To: H-SIG
|Subject: [h-sig] accented characters
|please remember to send only plain ascii text to this group,
|because accented characters get mangled by the list server,
|and become illegible. (even if they look okay at your end.)
|i would suggest that if you need to send accented characters
|to write proper hungarian, that you represent the accents as
|following the respective vowels: a', e', i', o', o:, o", u:. u".
|it isn't elegant, but it does work, and it only requires a
|very small effort.

|....... klein tama's, toronto

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