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Jake Jacobs

A terrific genealogist we're working with has located some records for my 3d g'grandfather, whom we had
understood was >from Mad. The records (death record, children's birth records) actually reflect that he was born
in Giszing, though he lived much of his adult life in Mad. All the records located have this same place name
for birth, same spelling. Question is: Where is this? 

According to our genealogist, this place is not known in the Hungarian Kingdom, but perhaps is a
German/Yiddish name of the place. He suggested Giessing, now Sopronkovesd, near the Austrian border; or
Giszing )(Menetujvar, now Gussin Austria) -- but that's awfully far away!

Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, all.

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

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