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Gabriela Svatos

Here are the names of a couple of terrific gazetteers which have helped me tremendously over the years. Both can be found in many university libraries as well as in Yivo in NY.

Title: Nazvy obci Slovenskej Republiky
Author: Milan Majtan
ISBN: 8022405302

Title: Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary
Author: Jordan Auslander (member of H-Sig)
ISBN: 1886223211

According to Majtan:

Lapispatak is now Ploske in Saris (near Kosice)
Vargony is now Varhanovce in Saris (near Presov)
Opina is also in Saris(near Kosice)

It looks like geographically you are in the right area:))

Best of luck with your research,

Gabriela Svatos
Richmond Hill, Ontario

Does anyone know the location or modern name of Lapispatak or Vargony both in Hungary prior to World War I? I have checked the town finder on JewishGen but can find no mention of either of these towns. They do appear in the index to "Hungarian Village Finder, Atlas, and Gazetteer for the Kingdom of Hungary" as being in Saros County.

A distant relative, Ignatz Alexander, was born in Lapispatak, Hungary in about 1865. I believe his parents were Marcus Alexander and Hannah Lefkowitz. The family arrived in New York on 22 Nov 1884. I know a great deal of information about this family once they arrived in the United States. I am trying to trace them back to Hungary and, in particular, trying to establish that they were related to my Alexander relatives >from Ofalu, Hungay (now Opina, Slovakia).

Ignatz's first wife, Dora Gr√ľnstein was born in Vargony, Hungary about 1870.

- Miriam Alexander Baker

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