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There exists a phone book >from 1943, it was mentioned also in H-SIG, page 35 contains the phone numbers of BÊkÊs. Beside that there exists a list of BÊkÊs prepared by Pinter Bertalanne, it is an answer of the "Magyar Izraelitak Orszagos Irodaja" enquiry, it mentions that in 1944 March the number of the Jews was 190-200, there is a number of 173 - probably the number of the victims, 21 children were murdered and it mentions that on June 13 were they taken to the Ghetto in BÊkÊscsaba. The daughter of Pinter Bertalanne is living in Budapest.

On June 31, the last sunday in June, will be the annual commemoration in BÊkÊscsaba, generally there are also several persons >from the surrounding communities present. If you can arrange, visit the commemoration.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Gesendet:Â Mittwoch, 24. April 2013 um 21:13 Uhr
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Betreff:Â [h-sig] Looking for information about Bekes Jewish community
I am searching for information about the Bekes Jewish community, including maps of
the Jewish community, background information, directories, businesses. My grandmother
grew up in Bekes. We will be visiting in June. We have very little information about
the Jewish elements of town. Would appreciate any information. Thank you!

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas, USA

Moderator: The 1943 Hungarian phone directory is one of many resources available
on the H-SIG website. Go to and scroll
down to the Hungary section.

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