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I'd like to connect with anyone who has family named =
JOSEFOVITS/JOSEPOVITS/ JOSEPHOWICS etc. f>from Maramarossziget (now =
Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania). Dvoyra JOSEFOVITS and Beris KAHAN were my =
great-grandparents. Dvoyra was born in Sziget in 1837 and was the =
daughter of Hers (probably Tzvi Hersh) and Rikel DUB. Her siblings =
included Iczik b. abt 1843, Markus (Marton?) b. abt 1845, and another =
son named Eij? b. 1854. =20

Iczik married Lea STEINER f. TArna and had about 14 children, most of =
whom came to NYC. Please contact me if any of this sounds familiar and =
I can provide details.

Likely that some descendants may have changed the name to JOSEPHS, =
JOSEPH, or something similar. Several are buried in the Maramaros =
Sziget Lodge section at Mount Hebron along with my grandparents and =
other of my KAHAN relatives. =20

Please contact me off-list.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

Researching families >from Maramaros and Szatmar (now Romania) including:
ADLER/Sighet, Berbesti, Rom. (Maramarossziget, Bardfalva, Hun.)
Hung.); Seini, Rom. (Szinervaralja, Hun), Vamfalu, Hung. (Vama, Rom.)
FRIEDMAN/Sighet, Oradea, Satu Mare, Rom.
GROSZ/Orasu Nou, Rom., Szatmar megye, Hung.;
KAHAN/SZEGAL Sighet, Rom.(Maramarossziget, Hun)

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