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It seems there are some changes again in the commemoration dates, even in the Mazsihis (Jewish Hungarian umbrella organisation) is a different dates mentined as on the Homepe , so if you are interested please check it.

(Uj Elet 1. June issue)

Június 23.
Kiskôr�s, Kecel, Soltvadkert 15.00 Frankel-zsinagóga
Karcag 11.30 zsinagóga, temetô
Nagyküta 10.30 temetô
Cs�m�r 10.30 temetô
Tótkomlós 14.00 eml�km�, fôt�r

Dates on the Homepage

Június 23. idÅ?pontok Ã?s helyszínek:
Nagyküta, 10:30 óra: temetÅ?
Karcag, 11:30 óra: zsinagóga, majd temetÅ?
Tótkomlós, 14:00 óra: HÅ?sÃ?k terei emlÃ?kmÅš
KiskÅ?rÃ?s; Kecel; Soltvadkert, 15:00 óra: Frankel Leó úti zsinagóga

This is probably not the only difference.
On the Youtube there was a Video >from the Commemoration in Nyiregyhaza:

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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