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Alex Magocsi

Does anyone have the following Grosz family members in their database:
Helen (Illona) Gross, wife of Victor Cukor and Mother of George D Cukor, =
Hollywood director
Oliver Grosz, photographer and founder of the Gross Photo Supply =
Company, Toledo, Ohio
Rudolf Grosz, also a photographer
Nichols Grosz

There were reportedly 6 siblings in this Grosz family, all of whom =
emigrated to the USA.
Helen stated on her US Passport application that she was born on 20 =
August 1874 in Tokaj.
Oliver was born in 1875; Rudolf in 1876.
A book about George D Cukor states that their Father was a "governor of =
a prison" in Tokaj.

I am trying to find out the name of the Father and Mother of this family =
and also learn more about the=20
ancestry of the Father.

Can anyone assist?

Alex Magocsi
Hamburg, Germany

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