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Jake Jacobs

My cousin and I have chanced upon a couple of interesting documents, and we would much appreciate assistance in translation. They are written in Rashi Hebrew. One is the headstone of our 3d g'grandfather, much eroded -- and the other is, we believe, the same text, as written in a book.  We would much appreciate assistance in translating the documents. The photograph of the headstone really is just for interest -- it is in the cemetery in Mad, Hungary.

We would appreciate the translation of the document posted at ViewMate No. 28904, The photograph of the headstone is posted at 
Thank you so much! (and by the way, this cousin and I "met" on Jewishgen, through the Family Finder! We have yet to meet face-to-face, but thanks to JewishGen, we are able to collaborate on our shared history).

Diane Jacobs.
Austin, Texas

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