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Highman Heather

I have been under the misapprehension that my maternal great grandparents were from
Hungary, as my Mother and Aunt were born in Budapest. I know that they moved to
Bruno in the Czech Republic , as my grandfather started a branch of the family
business there. They were in ladies fashions and I know that they manufactured
and had shops as well.
Recently I was told that , no they were Polish! which put me back to square one
What has added to my problems us that the family name is Neumann . Still , they
are my Neumann's, so I need help to point me in the right direction , to find out
where they came >from originally ,
My great Grand parents , were Shimon and Gitle Neumann.
My grand parents were Adolf and Eda Neumann ( nee Stempel )
And their children were Giselle , my mother, and my Aunt Renee.
I have my mothers birth certificate , but I don't know where to find her parents
marriage certificate.
I know that the Stempels were >from Zolynia and Kracov. And I have a lot of
information on them, It's the other side of the family, that is the problem ,
Thank you in advance,
Heather Highman London UK
STEMPEL Zoliynia : Kracov; Israel, London; U.S
NEUMANN Budapest; Israel ; London

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