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Highman Heather

Dear fellow Genners,
i have found out >from my Grandparents marriage certificate , that my =
Grandfather Adolf/Abraham Hirsch Neumann, was born in Glogow. His =
parents were Shimon and Bluma Sara / Gita Neumann, nee Spienadel .
i would like to know more about the family and the Jewish community in =
Please reply privately to my e-mail address , unless of general interest =
, as usual.=20
Thank you in advance,=20

Heather Highman
NEUMANN, Budapest , israel, England, USA
STEMPEL Kracow, Zolinya, Israel, England USA=20
YARMALINSKI Kiev , England , USA=

Moderator: Glogow, now in Poland, was never part of Hungary. For more information
check the KehilaLinks site for Glogow at

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