A special note to our new AOL subscribers #germany


It's nice to have so many new GerSig member / subscribers
(20 this month) and I'd like all of you enjoy being part of
our group and it's email Forum.

With this goal I want to advise those of you who are AOL
members using AOL versions 6, 7, 8, or 9 that your AOL software
won't allow you to write email to us in the required PLAIN TEXT

GerSig members using AOL 6 or higher must use AOL internet
mail to send messages to our list.

To do this, use a web browser OUTSIDE of your AOL program
to navigate to WWW.aol.com. Enter your screen name and
password there and then click on MAIL. Click on "compose mail"
and write your message to us at: gersig@lyris.jewishgen.org

If you wish to keep a copy in your AOL PFC send a copy to

This applies to recent GerSig members listed below and to all
members using AOL software versions 6 and higher.

ritamandl@aol.com, markokupas@aol.com, kriegz@aol.com,
modaflos@aol.com, ramayrassoc@aol.com

Gersig Moderator John Paul Lowens gersig@aol.com

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