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This is not true. The Kriegsarchiv in Vienna has documents on soldiers, too!
I have in my hand a document on the decoration of the ancestor of one of my
clients. He was a simple gunman! And the document was there and was handed
over to me by the Hungarian Delegation.

But the database is gappy, many documents are missing, unfortunately.

Here are their contact details.


Karesz Vandor
Hungarian Jewish genealogist/Private tour guide

Hungarian Roots
cell: +36-30-546-6950

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When I wrote to Vienna they said that they only kept records of the
The letter was in German which I had translated.

Two years later I wrote to them again. This time in English. They daisy aid
the same thing and they said " last time we wrote you in German. This time
in English. " Seems they keep good records but not of soldiers who weren't

My grandfathers Max Kreisz and Meyhardt Roth both served in the Hungarian

Carol Karp

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