Hungary SIG #Hungary Searching for: STEINMETZ and PERL from Bogdan Voda - Kechnie - Konyha - Maramures #hungary

Leah Herz

Hi, I am looking for information about:

1. Mayer Pinchas STEINMETZ, who I believe lived in Bogdan Voda originally
from Borsa, and passed away around 1917
2. his daughter Sara Lea STEINMETZ, born in Bogdan Voda, she died in 1940
and is buried in Dragomiresti

3. Rechel (GANZ) PERL who married Asher PERL and lived in Bogdan Voda

Rechel was the daughter of Shimshon Aryeh GANZ who lived in Dragomiresti
Shimshon Aryeh GANZ was married to Sara Lea STEINMETZ.
Rechel was his daughter >from a previous marriage, possibly the sister of
Sara Lea

I would appreciate all help in finding more information about my ancestors.

Thank you,
Leah Herz
New York

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