Hungary SIG #Hungary Kolozsvar / Cluj / Klausenburg 1905 directory #hungary

Logan Kleinwaks

A 1905 address and business directory of Kolozsvar (Cluj, Klausenburg)
is now searchable at Searches include
this directory and all other sources by default. You can restrict a
search to just this source by appending {d893} to your search term,
like this: grun {d893}.

The original title of the directory is "Kolozsvari utmutato es
lakasjegyzek," and it can be viewed, downloaded, and also searched on
Google Books at There
might be differences in search results between the sites, due to the
use by both of not-completely-accurate Optical Character Recognition
(OCR). You can do soundex, wildcard, and other advanced searching at Search results at link
directly to matching images at Google Books, while Google Books search
results sometimes erroneously report that images are unavailable.

If you know of any other online directories for Kolozsvar, or if you
have any in your possession and would like them to be searchable
online, please contact me.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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