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Jake Jacobs

Seeking information about my grandmother's brother, who disappeared in the Hungarian Labor Service in 1943. My grandmother was never convinced that he died; a number of conscripts in the Labor Service survived. As small as the world has become, with the internet and these list-servs, I am taking a last shot at seeing if there is any word of his survival.

Imre Laszo "Laci" HAVAS was born in 1908 in Gurahont (Honcto), then Hungary, now Romania. His parents were Jakab Havas (b. Hochwald) and Iren Bleuer. He spent most of his life in Bekes, Hungary. He married Iren GRUNWALD about 1943.

Laci was conscripted in the Hungarian Labor Service in 1943. He served in the VI Battalion out of Püspökladány, Hajdu-Bihar, Hungary. The regiment disappeared and there was no further word of Laci. Note there was another Imre Laszlo Havas,

If you have any knowledge regarding what became of Laci, my mom sure would love to know. Thank you so much.

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas, USA

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