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Beth Long

Hi Todd,

I know there is an very detailed census of Slovakia for the year 1930. It is available to view at the National Archive in Bratislava. The census contains the place and date of birth of each member of the family. These are the original paper documents, and are contained in a series of boxes. A large city might take up three boxes by itself, whereas a single box might contain the records of three or four smaller towns.

I was there several years ago, and was allowed to photograph freely.

Though the year of the census is 1930, one can find elderly members who might have been born >from about 1850 onward. I found it to be a pretty good substitute in the case of missing records.

Beth Long
Salt Lake City

On Monday, May 5, 2014 11:11 PM, Todd Edelman <edelman@...> wrote:


The 1869 Census records for the then separately-counted three parts of
the current Raslavice, Slovakia are available online or via film order
from Family Search and to at least sum extent on Jewish Gen, as are
records for a few years in the 1870's of Slovenske Raslavice on its own.

But I don't think I need to see those: I am interested in vital records
for the now unified Raslavice starting about 1885 or 1890 and continuing
to the latest 20th century dates which are formally available.

Did I miss something online including in the Family Search catalog? Are
these records available - if they exist - only in Slovakia (and which
one?) are other archives?


Todd Edelman
Los Angeles

Researching eastern Saros megye, especially Hanusovce nad Toplou, Giraltovce and Raslavice for family names including:

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