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Hello Friends -

In my recent hunting, I have found names and dates and places that overlap with my families, but with minor discrepancies. For example, my other info showed that Joachim's wife was Regina, but the birth registers I was searching showed a Joachim I am sure is mine, based on the kids and the dates, but the wife is always Juliana. Does anyone know if Regina and Juliana were interchangeable names? This couple was having their babies in Paks in the 1830's and 1840's when there was a more German flavour in the naming. When the daughter got married in 1863, however, her mother was named as Regina, not Juliana.

Another naming question.... were Betti and Rosalia also interchangeable names? My GGGgrandmother was Rosalia according to her children's marriages. But when I check the birth records for her year (I didn't have a month or day) and town and father, there is a Betti there. Would you know if perhaps Betti and Rosalia were shared names? The only thing that may make this unlikely is that "Betti" later had a sibling "Sali" - which itself is probably >from Rosalia.

I realize that there are no definite rules on names, but if anyone has ideas or experience with these names, I'd love to know.

Many thanks!

Michele Sankar
Ontario, Canada

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