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Sue Martin

I don't really have any more information, but the same rumor exists in my fa=
mily. Apparently the Moravian government was not kind to Jewish men who wer=
en't the oldest sons, and the Austro-Hungarian government was more congenial=
at that time, which in the case of my family was the mid-18th century.

My family's name is Orowan or Orovan, and they settled in and around Trencse=
n/Trencin county.

Sue Orowan Martin

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On Apr 12, 2015, at 1:32 PM, "Erzsebet Elisabeth Berkes-Grosser Berkesgros=
ser@..." <h-sig@...> wrote:
In my family there is the statement that our Berger ancestors came >from M=
oravia to Hungary. Does anyone have any further information? My family lived=
in Irsa and Cegled.
I'am looking for Julianna Kiss ( widow >from Jen=C3=B6 Bokor/Berger, born S=
chmideg 1890 in Varpalota) and the family Alajos Steiner (1849-1913 Tapiobi=
Elisabeth Berkes Gro=C3=9Fer

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