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Vivian Kahn

Thanks to an item posted to the JewishGen list by H-SIGr Jan Meisels =
Allen, I have discovered an additional resource for information about =
Hungary including some digitized records and downloadable books and =
articles. Go to to Makor, the =
Jewish Theological Seminary=E2=80=99s catalog, digital collections, and =
electronic resources. I entered Hungary, clicked on digital =
collections, and got 75 hits including items such as:

Birth Register >from Koszeg (Guns), Hungary, 1852-1885=09
Register of Jews in the province of Sarvar-Szombathely, Hungary, ca. =
Account book of the Budapest Hevra Shas, 1892-1906
Birth Register >from Sarvar, Hungary, 1887-1939
Sod ha-Shem (Ritual of Circumcistion) and Record of circumcisions in =
Egerszasz, Hungary 1856-1875

The E-resources include a wide variety of digitized books and articles =
such as the=20

1900 Baedeker guide to Austria, including Hungary, Transylvania, =
Dalmatia, and Bosnia
Randolph Braham=E2=80=99s The destruction of Hungarian Jewry: a =
documentary account =09

Access to some materials requires an access password (e.g. New York =
State Library access password) but many other items are available via =
links to Hathi Trust and other digital library collections.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

Researching families including:
BAL/BERKOVICS/BERKOWITZ/ROTH/GROSZ. Avas Ujvaros, Hung./Orasu Nou, Rom.;
KAHAN/JOSIPOVITS, Sziget, Hung./Sighet, Rom.; KOHN/, Zbegnyo, Hung./ =
Zbehnov, Slov.; MOSKOVITS/Honkocz, Szobranc, Osztro, Hung./Chonkovce, =
Sobrance, Ostrov, Slov.; Nyiregyhaza, Hung.; NEUMANN/Szeretva, Kereszt, =
Hung./Sobrance, Kristy, Stretavka, Michalovce, Slov.; SPITZ, =
Nikolsburg/Mikulov, Czech, POLACSEK/ SPITZ, Hunfalu, Hung./Huncovce, =

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