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Hi all,

I've made some excellent progress researching my WEISBERGER (FELDMAN,
GROSZMAN, GUZSIK, LICHTIG, WEIL) family of Cabiny, Mala Polana,
Medzilaborce, Mikova and Stropkov in former Zemplen country & Herhaj and
Marhan among others in former Saros. I learned that many of them moved
at various times to Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. I've had lots of help
from the Cleveland-based genealogist Gary Silverstein (GBS36 on
Ancestry) and am fortunate as well that my WEISBERGERS are mentioned in
books about Medzilaborce by Jan Hlavinka and Stropkov by Melody

Presently I'm looking for Lea-Erna COHEN and Agi (Agata) MOSKOVIC, both
born WEISBERGER, >from Marhan, which is a village near Giraltovce - the
village is included in in the Giraltovce Kehila website organized by

Erna and Agi's birth and married (or changed) names are listed in the
Giraltovce Kehila website. They are my cousins (father's mother's first
cousin's children) and were born respectively in 1930 and 1942, so
there's a good chance that one or both could still be alive.

For a number of years Gabi LANA organized Survivor and related events in
Giraltovce (Gabi is my father's mother's brother's wife's nephew and we
may have a secondary connection through the LICHTIGs). Gabi died a few
years ago. (I actually wrote to this List about a year ago looking for
something else in Giraltovce, before I knew we were related.) I have
just been able to get in touch with his daughter in Israel but not sure
what answers she will be able to provide.

Erna and Agi were mentioned in the Giraltovce Kehila pages as still
alive in 2005 but they apparently did not participate in the described
events, and I have not yet been able to dig up any clues regarding their
present whereabouts (e.g. Gabi is listed as active in JGFF but as I
mentioned he passed away....).

So if anything here looks familiar or you have any hints, or know
someone who even might know Lea-Erna and Agi, please let me know. Thanks!

List of persons >from villages surrounding Giraltovce
real url:

List of Survivors, as of 2005
real url:

Lea-Erna and Agi's profiles on Geni can be found via their father, Herman:
real url:

Todd Edelman
near Los Angeles

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