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John Berkeley

With no documentary record of my great-grandfather Jacub Berkovic, I
have sought to find information on his supposed death, and presumed
burial, in Vienna. The story passed down through the family was that
he was an accountant/tax collector in what was then Szeklencze, now
Sokirnitsa in Ukraine, became ill and was sent to Vienna for
treatment, where he passed away at the age of 42. No dates or any
further information.

Having discovered a burial record for a Yakob Berkowitsch in Vienna,
aged 42, with apparent mention of Szeklencze, I was confident this was
my great-grandfather. However, although mentioning his home village,
there appears to be reference to another location and I should be
extremely grateful to anyone who can accurately translate the written

It can be found on ViewMate at the following address ...

Many thanks as always,

John Berkeley (previously Berkovic)
Warwick, UK

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