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Dear Siggers,
This information may be of general interest. I visited the Salgotarjáni
utcai Cemetery last year. The Cemetery is closed for the general public but
you can arrange a visit easily if you contact the caretaker (a very nice
young man) and fix a date with him. He would also be pleased to clean the
grave's area (he does not ask for but accepts a donation for this) and, what
is more important, he can look up the name in the Registry Book and help you
find the exact location of the grave.

Last year his contact details were the following:

Mr. Gyula Kovács
Address: 1087 Budapest, Salgótarjáni utca 6.
mobile +36 30 325 3750
email: salgotem@...
visiting hours Mon-Fri and Sunday >from 8 am to 4 pm
(by prefixed appointment only)

In spite most of the graves are in a very neglected condition, and many of
the marble stones were stolen or damaged in the 1960s-70s, the Cemetery has
remained monumental and very beautiful. I have uplodaded a few pictures
about my visit to this site

Best regards
Andras Hirschler

Subject: Visiting cemeteries in Budapest
From: corystr@...
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2015 17:56:10 -0700
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I will be visiting Budapest in a few weeks, and I may be interested in
visiting the graves of my ancestors who are buried there - the parents and
grandparents of my grandmother Margit FREUND. Three of the graves are in
the Kozma utca cemetery, and one is in the old cemetery on Salgotarjani
utca. In doing some web searching, it looks like both cemeteries have areas
which are very overgrown with the graves impossible to see, while other
areas are in better condition. I'm not sure whether either is open to the
public, and whether arrangements would need to be made in advance. I have
the parcel, row and grave numbers but I would not be capable of digging
through underbrush or doing a lot of searching.

My questions: (1) Does anyone have experience with either of these
cemeteries, and any suggestions about how to find out if my ancestors'
graves are easily accessible? (2) Would it make more sense for me to hire a
genealogist/guide to find out whether the graves are accessible, and if so,
to take me there? Does anyone have recommendations? (Please send names and
contact information privately.)

Thank you!

Cory Streisinger
Portland, Oregon
Researching: STREISINGER (anywhere), FREUND (Budapest), ORGEL (Budapest),
NEUWALD (Budapest), ROSENFELD (Losoncz).

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