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Amit N

Dear Genners,

I believe I had tried to ask for this information before, but I guess
it won't hurt to try again.
I am searching for any information about a family named FRIEDMANN who
was based in modern Hlohovec in Slovakia, a town that back then was
called Galgocz in Hungarian and Freistadt in German.
The family members I know of lived in the mid 19th century or the
second half of it. It was a religious family, and a few members were
supposedly Rabbis (although I don't know what position they held). Of
those I know the names R' Mordechai FRIEDMANN, R' Moshe FRIEDMANN, and
a R' Aharon FRIEDMANN (although his connection to the family is not
quite clear). Mordechai was the father of Moshe, so it seems.
One of the problems I stumbled upon while trying to search information
about this family, apart >from the quite common family name, is the
fact that I have some documents which contain only the Hebrew names,
on others only the secular names. The matching is not always clear,
and for those for which I don't have the secular names, it might be
harder to locate official records.
Anyway, I am sorry for the long scroll, but I would love to get any
piece of information, if any of you have ever heard about a FRIEDMANN
from Hlohovec. Other guidance would be appreciated as well.
Thank you very much
Amit Naor

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