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Jay Gilbert

Despite searching for many years, I have not been able to find any arrival
records for my paternal grandmother Esther FRIEDMAN and her family. My
grandmother and grandfather were married in Cleveland in November 1904; on
their marriage record Esther's age is listed as 19. In the 1910 US Federal
Census, my great grandparents Max (age 70) and Julia (age 64) are living in
the City of Cleveland. Also in their household is my grandmother's younger
sister, Antoinette (age 19). They state on this Census that they arrived in
the United States in 1902. To the best of my knowledge, in the 19th century
the whole family lived in the city of Ungvar, and in the US the family
always lived in Cleveland.

I have to believe that these 4 members of my grandmother's family traveled
together to the United States. I have searched Ancestry with no success - I
am unable to come up with any of their names no matter what combinations I
have used. I would welcome any and all suggestions - thank you.

Jay Gilbert
Hastings on Hudson, NY

Researching GELBERT (any) in Hungary; FRIEDMAN in Ungvar/Uzhhorod; GUTTMAN
in Humenne, Slovakia; BRUCHOWSKI in Gac/Lomza Poland; WAJSENFELD in Lomza,

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