Persistence and the Jerusalem CAHJP topple ROTHSCHILD brickwall #germany


Persistence paid off at the Central Archives for the History of the
Jewish People [CAHJP] in Jerusalem!

I think the name ROTHSCHILD is probably just about as hard to trace as an
unknown COHEN or LEVI. My grandfather Samuel ROTHSCHILD was left an
orphan by the age of ten, his father having died first, when Samuel was
just six. He did not know anything about his father and very little about
his mother, who died in her turn when he was ten.

Thanks to friends >from Jewishgen who did lookups for me, I found out that
Samuel's father's name was Abraham and that he had gone to California
with the '49ers. He was one of the early settlers of San Diego and it
turned out that he actually wrote articles for the San Diego Union
newspaper. But what about his origins in Franconia [Bavaria-Germany]?

I had no idea where to look! I decided that I would go to the CAHJP in
Jerusalem and that I would go through every single source they had within
Franconia until I finally found my ROTHSCHILD family. Then, if I couldn't
find them, at least I would know that I had tried everything in my power
to locate them! It might have been daunting to someone less determined
because CAHJP has so much to offer.

Lo and behold, last week at the CAHJP I struck gold [no pun intended]!
Abraham Rothschild was born in Bruck, [now a part of Erlangen] and had a
large family with many siblings and cousins. A whole new ball game!!

This archive is a gem and I cannot recommend it highly enough! They
cannot do any research for you, but when you come to Jerusalem, be sure
to save several days for research. And if you come for the IAJGS
Conference in July. 2004, you will have the advantage of having a number
of Conference volunteers to help you find what you need. To prepare
yourself, be sure to go online to:

Double click on the "selection of holdings" so you will have an idea of
what areas are covered in the Archives. Details of some of the areas that
interest you can be downloaded in a .pdf file for further study at your

Don't overlook the "Private archives and collections," which is
vast and contains wonderful material. In fact, one of the projects that
has been undertaken for the July 2004 Conference in Jerusalem is making a
single index of these collections that will show all the genealogically
relevant details, such as surnames, given names, locality/country of
origin, time frame, type of archives, family tree if included, language
and so forth, so most of the work already will have been done for you by
the time you get here!

I am still pinching myself to wake up after unbelieveably finding my very
own lost-for-a-century ROTHSCHILD family! May your own brick walls fall
down this way!!

Martha Levinson Lev-Zion, Israel

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