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Banai Lynn Feldstein

I'm pleased to announce the Jewish Genealogy Indexing and Research
Collective, or JGIRC.

Founded by Banai Lynn Feldstein, the JGIRC web site launched this
summer with some databases of interest to H-SIG.

The first such database consists of more than 1100 birth records >from
Mukaceve as digitized by Banai during her visit to the Uzhhorod
archive in 2012.

The star database is the Uzhhorod 1938 Voters List containing 15,000
names, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

All databases are searchable online for free and digital copies can
be ordered through the site for a reasonable fee.

All collections have an associated blog post explaining the
collections, including suggestions for better search results.

Please visit our web site at <> to search our
collections. And be sure to check back for future database additions.

Banai Lynn Feldstein, Founder
Jewish Genealogy Indexing and Research Collective

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