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Please note that the DEGOB committee's testimonies (Deportaltakat Gondozo O=
rszagos Bizottsag/National Committee for Attending Deportees) mentioned by =
Gabor Hirsch in the message below are available online in English here: htt=
p:// and in Hungarian here: .=
I hope I am not giving you old information or information that is already=
available to JewishGen.

It is a very difficult website for finding things you may want to search f=
or, especially in English. There is no easy access to the testimonies (whic=
h they call protocols) themselves in the general search, except by searchin=
g for specific words such as place names, eg Budapest, Kassa, etc (and any=
accented word in Hungarian such as the town Kecskem=E9t has to be typed i=
n with the Hungarian accents).=20

I would suggest for an English speaker to start by reading the background t=
o the documents in the menu item on the left entitled "ON DEGOB." This gi=
ves you two options: "the Protocols" and "the History of DEGOB". Both of th=
ese sections have useful information about the whole project (which was und=
ertaken in 1945-46) and some sources. The menu items on the right also have=
lots of information about the Holocaust in Hungary in English.

But the search mechanism which is the first item (or the first two items as=
they both take you to the search) on the left menu is quite hopeless. Th=
e only way I could get to any of the actual protocols is to put in a place =
name in the simple search such as Budapest and then a whole lot of protoc=
ols come up with a couple of lines each but with an arrow saying "more" and=
clicking that gets you the actual text of the particular testimony (protoc=

There is also an "advanced search" where under "topical search" they provid=
e a whole lot of categories which can be useful . But if you try to put a n=
umber in the bottom category "Go to protocol" nothing comes up in the Engl=
ish version but the numbers do bring up the protocol in the Hungarian versi=
on. Personal names are useless even in the Hungarian version because the n=
ames of the individual survivors who gave their testimony are not included,=
only their initials. Thus the database cannot be searched by name even in =

I seem to remember that I was once on the DEGOB website and was able to loo=
k through all the testimonies one after the other (in Hungarian) but cannot=
find it now. I know that the original testimonies (the whole DEGOB collect=
ion) is in the Hungarian Jewish Archives - recently amalgamated with the Hu=
ngarian Jewish Museum - and is now called Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archi=
ves. Their website is here:

Judy Young

The Hungarian DEGOB (Deportaltakat Gondozo Orszagos Bizottsag/National Comm=
ittee for Attending Deportees) collected beside some 4500 testimonies also =
some lists about Hungarien waiting in different DP camps for their repatria=
tion. The lists were published in 5 issues in Hirek az Elhurcoltakrol / New=
s >from the dragged away. So about the camp Sluzk in Beloruss with some 849 =
inmates, children, womem and men. The lists can be found in different libra=
ries and Holocaust archives, also by Jewishgen - if I am correct.=20
All the best
Gabor Hirsch

Gesendet:=C2=A0Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015 um 01:35 Uhr Von:=C2=A0"Alfred Si=
lberman" <> An:=C2=A0H-SIG <=> Betreff:=C2=A0[h-sig] FW: Post Holocaust DP Camp=
s While there are thousands and thousands of books on the holocaust and man=
y databases on the victims (such as those on Jewish-Gen) I have yet to see =
any books or databases on people who were located in the DP camps.

I was an infant and child post the war and lived with my parents and a brot=
her in an Austrian DP camp for three years until we were allowed to immigra=
te to the US.

Are there any books and / or databases on the locations of the DP camps whe=
re people such as myself were temporarily located?

Alfred Silberman
Monsey, NY

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