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I would like to know if I can find online wedding registries of
Magyarfalva (Hungary).
Maybe somebody have a reference to an LDS record ?

Two couples of my ancestors were married in this village in 1903 and 1911.
In addition, I would like to understand why they got married there,
while they lived in Vienna (Austria) then not so far

Is it a possibility because the children were born before marriage?
However the father was present for each birth

Many thanks in advance

Elisabeth Stamminger-Sonnenfeld
from France

Researching descendants of :

REKTOR & STEINER >from Bridgeport in 1926, later to New haven (CT)

WEISS >from Bridgeport in 1918 and probably to Philadelphia later, in 1938

SONNENFELD (Sonnenfield ?) of Nashville in 1938 & SONNENFELD J. >from NY
in 1938

REDLINGER >from London (UK)

HOHENBERG >from Bruxelles

MOONS >from Belgium

All parents came >from Vienna (Austria), Pozsony & area (CZ) and
Budapest (Hungary)

Moderator: Have you checked the JewishGen Hungary database and
Family Search has images of Hungarian civil records.

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