Hungary SIG #Hungary Looking for information on EISENBERGER families from Bekescaba, Hafdunanas, or Nagykereki, Hungary #hungary

Jake Jacobs

Looking for information about Eisenbergers, >from Bekescaba, Hafdunanas, or =
Nagykereki, Hungary, one of whom married my mother's aunt, Serena (Sari) F=
euerlicht. Believe Serena married Salamon Eisenberger , born in Hafdunanas=
, Hungary around 1866. They likely married in Nagykereki about 1889 and m=
ay have lived there for a time; they had 3 children, including Bertalan, bo=
rn about 1891. Believe Bertalan and his family (and maybe parents) moved =
to Bekescaba at some point before 1940. =20

If you have any information, please contact me privately.
Thank you!

Diane Jacobs

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