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Joseph Lonstein

Dear SIG members,=20

Two family members with Hungarian roots left their long-time home of Vienna=
for Budapest in late 1938.=A0 Both later died in Budapest (one in early 19=
39 soon after arriving, the other in the ghetto in 1945).=A0 I've seen thei=
r death records=A0in the civil registration books on the LDS website, which=
included the names of their=A0parents, age at death, and last home address=
es in Budapest. =A0What, if any, other records in Budapest might I find for=
them?=A0 Was there anything like Viennese Meldezettel in Budapest at that =
time?=A0 Would they have had to fill out any civil forms in Budapest or reg=
ister with the local Jewish Community after they arrived in 1938?=A0 Were t=
here full death certificates issued that might have more information than w=
hat's in the civil registration books on the LDS films? I'm most intereste=
d in their birthplaces, if there were relatives in Budapest (which compelle=
d them to go there), and next of kin at the time of death. I'm also curiou=
s - was it common for Jews in Vienna to flee for Budapest in 1938?

Thanks for any suggestions,=20

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA=20


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