Records of Sponsors for World War II immigrants to USA #germany

Alice Josephs

I have been told that a German relative of mine, Klara OPPENHEIMER born
HERZ (1875 Kochendorf, Baden Wuerttemberg - ? USA) and her husband wine
merchant Bernhard OPPENHEIMER (1872 Niederflorstadt, Hesse - 1958 New
York City) were sponsored by a member of the KLEINERT family, who was
part of the KLEINERT clothes and underwear manufacturing company, to
come to the USA in 1940.

I have also been told that the KLEINERT family were somehow related to
Klara OPPENHEIMER born HERZ. I have made contact with a member of the
KLEINERT family but we have yet to find out who, if any member of the
family, was involved in the sponsorship and where the connection may be.

However, it occurs to me there may be one way of cutting short some
long-winded investigations. Surely there are records in archives
somewhere of sponsors? Can anyone make any suggestions?

Alice Josephs near London England
See my family tree at

MODERATOR NOTE: In order to obtain a visa, immigrants to the USA were required
to obtain an AFFIDAVIT of SUPPORT >from an American Citizen who could show that
he had the means to assume financial responsibility for the immigrant if needed
and was willing to do so.

Records of such affidavits have been discussed in this Forum before. I don't have
time now to check the Archives but I believe that copies of the affidavits
were held by local governments, not the US Federal Government. MOD1

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