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the short answer is "no". hungarian jews did not, as a rule, give their children
jewish and secular names that "matched" in any (obvious) way.

so there is no "magic key" that will translate one to the other. some names simply
didn't have hebrew or yiddish equivalents, like Attila or Zoltan or Magda. but,
for example, my grandfather, Simon, had a jewish name of Yehoshua. or my grandmother,
whose jewish name was Feige, had a secular name of Erzsebet. so even where the
secular name was pure biblical hebrew, that was not necessarily their jewish name.

this is very different >from the polish jews.

....... tom klein, toronto

davidnead@... wrote:

I am having a serious problem in the study of Hungarian Jews - there
is less problem in Poland and other Eastern European countries.
While I know of (usually) the people about them I'm going to study the
by their Jewish names (Hebrew or Yiddish), shows that registered in
Hungary often people enroll foreign / Hungarian names , it turns out
that Jews holding Hungarian name was often quite different sound than
Jewish name , and this name used in official records.
I asked whether there was systematic practice using names Hungarian?
Were the certain names used replacement / parallel Jewish names?
Or in other words: When I'm looking for a man named Moshe or Meir for
example - is there any way to guess his Hungarian name ?
Please note that I am not talking specifically about the translation
or variation of the name (also, but not only), but the whole attitude
of Hungarian name for a Jew.

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