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Well... my experience with older records >from the area which is now
eastern Slovakia is that most Hebrew names - when I see them, and this
is not most of the time - are a close match to the Secular: For example,
Moses or Moshe is almost always Moricz in Hungarian (and finally Morris
in the USA.) Dov Ber is almost always the Secular German Bernhard and
the Hungarian Bernat (or Bernath, or Berko as a nickname) which becomes
Bernhard in the USA. This happened a lot in my family - but it might
just be MY family. My ggg-grandfather was Lebe in Hebrew, Leopold in
German Secular and Lipot in Hungarian Secular. His brother Yitzchak was
Ignacz, and not the only one with this couplet. With women, Rochel seems
to become Rachel (still a religious reference, of course) and sometimes
Regina... there are other examples.

I suppose my main point is that you shouldn't automatically discount
what seems like a match.

I've gotten a lot of help >from the Jewish Gen Given Names Database and
also www. Another idea is to Google two names
together to see if they're used as transliteration couplets - if that's
an accurate term.

Todd (Tuvia, Toddek, Toddicek, etc.) Edelman,
Oakland, California, USA

GLATTSTEIN, KLAUSNER, FRIEDMAN, WEISZ and others in former Abauj-Torna,
Saros, Szepes and Zemplen counties in Slovakia.

On 08/02/2016 12:58 PM, Thomas Klein tomk@... wrote:
the short answer is "no". hungarian jews did not, as a rule, give their children
jewish and secular names that "matched" in any (obvious) way.

so there is no "magic key" that will translate one to the other. some names simply
didn't have hebrew or yiddish equivalents, like Attila or Zoltan or Magda. but,
for example, my grandfather, Simon, had a jewish name of Yehoshua. or my grandmother,
whose jewish name was Feige, had a secular name of Erzsebet. so even where the
secular name was pure biblical hebrew, that was not necessarily their jewish name.

this is very different >from the polish jews.

....... tom klein, toronto

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