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I wanted to close the loop on the two requests for advice that I have sent =
in the past 10 days since it has been very successful and is a glowing test=
ament to our H-Sig. I was able to locate Klara/Rachel Perl and confirmed th=
at she is a family member. In fact, the closest Perl relative I have ever f=

Many people reached out to me with various ideas and offers to help but I w=
ould like to thank three of our H-SIG members in particular who were incred=
ible, Gabriel Bar Shaked, Andres Carcientes and Barbara Zimmer.

As far as some research tips - MACSE the Hungarian database is excellent fo=
r records prior to the 1950s and is limited beyond that. There are two data=
bases that helped me find this new relative in the first place.
The US Holocaust Museum digital archives has now fully transcribed the Nev=
eklarsfeld list of names including the ones of survivors in Budapest in 194=
6. It generally lists the person's mother's name but unfortunately you cann=
ot search using it making it a bit harder to find married women if you don'=
t know their husband's name. Nevertheless, it is still incredibly useful. F=
or a number of years one could not access this list online since the NeveKl=
arsfeld website closed and USHMM had not properly transcribed all records.=
I am not sure when this changed but it is recent.

Secondly, the website has a good digital archive containing cards o=
f those who left Hungary in the 1950s and stopped in Austria on the way. It=
is there I found the card for Perl Klara born in Budapest in 1934 with the=
exact date.=20

from there, we were able to search in the US on and came up wi=
th her married name, but only after trying various methods. Putting in Klar=
a Perl with her birth date did not work, one needed just the date and first=
name as well as specifying Hungary as place of birth.=20

This has been a very exciting week for me and I wanted to thank everyone fo=
r the help as well as provide some insight as to how I was able to further =
my research into the current era when data is less openly available.=20

Michael Perl
New York

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1. Hungarians in the USA post 1950s


Subject: Hungarians in the USA post 1950s
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I would love some help >from those familiar with research in the US, as this=
is my first time.
I posted recently about finding more details on Perl Rachel born in 1934 in=
Budapest. Thanks to the help of a couple of very informed Jewishgenners, I=
was able to find out that her name was also Perl Klara. She left Hungary i=
n December 1956 and arrived by plane into Newark on Jan 11th 1957.=20
In my attempts to find her, I have searched all over hoping to=
find a marriage record or anything else such as a full naturalisation appl=
ication, but haven't been successful.
She was 22 years old when she arrived in Jan 1957 so I am assuming that she=
got married here in the US and worked as well.=A0 What other means do I ha=
ve at my disposal to find this person?

Thanks in advance,

Michael Perl
New York

Moderator: Except for burial and Holocaust-related records, JewishGen recor=
ds typically
date >from years prior to WWII. Please contact Michael off-list with suggest=
ions for
researching Hungarians who came to the US in 1956-57 unless your informatio=
n is
likely to be of general interest.>

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