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Margarita Lacko

Great information, Michael!

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Margarita Lacko
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I wanted to close the loop on the two requests for advice that I have =
in the past 10 days since it has been very successful and is a glowing
testament to our H-Sig. I was able to locate Klara/Rachel Perl and =
that she is a family member. In fact, the closest Perl relative I have =

Many people reached out to me with various ideas and offers to help but =
would like to thank three of our H-SIG members in particular who were
incredible, Gabriel Bar Shaked, Andres Carcientes and Barbara Zimmer.

As far as some research tips - MACSE the Hungarian database is excellent =
records prior to the 1950s and is limited beyond that. There are two
databases that helped me find this new relative in the first place.
The US Holocaust Museum digital archives has now fully transcribed the
Neveklarsfeld list of names including the ones of survivors in Budapest =
1946. It generally lists the person's mother's name but unfortunately =
cannot search using it making it a bit harder to find married women if =
don't know their husband's name. Nevertheless, it is still incredibly
useful. For a number of years one could not access this list online =
the NeveKlarsfeld website closed and USHMM had not properly transcribed =
records. I am not sure when this changed but it is recent.

Secondly, the website has a good digital archive containing =
cards of
those who left Hungary in the 1950s and stopped in Austria on the way. =
It is
there I found the card for Perl Klara born in Budapest in 1934 with the
exact date.=20

from there, we were able to search in the US on and came up
with her married name, but only after trying various methods. Putting in
Klara Perl with her birth date did not work, one needed just the date =
first name as well as specifying Hungary as place of birth.=20

This has been a very exciting week for me and I wanted to thank everyone =
the help as well as provide some insight as to how I was able to further =
research into the current era when data is less openly available.=20

Michael Perl
New York

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