Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: Pharmacist in Slovakia #hungary

Logan Kleinwaks

Rony Golan asked about directories or other sources that might list a
pharmacist, Aladar Roth, in Slovakia before WWII.

Some directories with relevant coverage are searchable at, including an enormous 1931 business directory
for all of what was then Hungary. If you perform the following
search, you will find several entries for people with this name, which
you can examine to determine whether any might be yours:

"Aladar Roth"~2

The ~2 matches the name in both surname-given and given-surname order.

Since Roth is a very common surname, including the given name as above
is a useful way to search, but, for less common surnames, I recommend
searching with surname only, as some sources only include a first
initial or abbreviated given name.

In general, you can leave all search options at their defaults, unless
you are overwhelmed with too many results. In that case, try changing
the "Any Place" option to "Hungary" (which includes sources with
coverage of modern Slovakia), "Any Collection" to "Directories"
(excluding yizkor books and other non-directory sources), limiting by
date, etc.

Among the sources searched are several Hungary Pharmacy Calendars, but
the accuracy of results for these is relatively poor, due to the poor
quality of the scans. Also, there are more Pharmacy Calendars online
that I have not yet made searchable. For both reasons, when looking
for pharmacists, you might want to browse the Pharmacy Calendars at, in
addition to searching at

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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