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I have been stuck on my Neuman ancestors for a while but took a much closer look at the ship's manifest. I see my GGGPs arrived in NY in 1901 and they listed Csaklyo which I originally transcribed as somewhere else. I found my GGGF Leopold and his family in the 1869 census which covered this town. He apparently changed >from NEIMAN to NEUMAN by the time he landed, and the children went as NEWMAN. I did not find too much else about this town but it did get me back another generation (Abraham, no last name for the mother Beti) and found 4 siblings that I didn't know about in the Census. I also found what I assume must be his father's brother Lipot, his wife Rezi SPICZER and their 4 children.

I haven't located any other records for this part of the family in Hungary/Slovakia.

Anyone else have relatives >from this town? It was in Varanno, Zemplen county. The only reference I could find was in an H-SIG archive >from 2001 announcing the transcription of the records and that pointed to the modern town of Caklov.


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